Newsletter: January

Welcome to Canbury’s newsletter. This month, we cover insights into the FCA’s Sustainability Disclosure Requirements, as well as stewardship and TCFD reporting.

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TCFD Reporting

At its core, TCFD is a risk management governance framework. A TCFD report includes an assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities through scenario analysis and target setting.

FCA-regulated asset managers of over £50bn AuM have already submitted their first TCFD report. Those greater than £5bn AuM will submit their first reports by 30 June 2024 at both firm and product levels. 

Our approach to TCFD scenario analysis is flexible and can be highly bespoke or linked back to NGFS scenarios.

Get in touch if you’d like some advice on reporting or to learn more.

Our ‘Use-of-Proceeds’ (UoP) Tool

We’ve developed an assessment and engagement tool for investors to identify, prioritise and tailor their engagement across their UoP portfolios. To streamline the process of assessing UoPs, our tool automates engagement letters so that investors can request the disclosures they need. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch. 

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